Disana Wool Leggings

by Disana. Soft 100% organic merino wool leggings - perfect for pants, under dresses, or a pj bottoms. 6 sizes. Available in multiple colors More details...


Disana Wool Leggings

Disana Wool Leggings Disana Wool Leggings Disana Wool Leggings
Disana Wool Leggings Disana Wool Leggings Disana Wool Leggings
Disana Wool Leggings Disana Wool Leggings
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Product Details
Romping around, playing, running - ready for the day to begin.  Disana knitted leggings take it all in stride and keep your child thoroughly warm.  The fine ribbed knit make these leggings especially flexible and a gentle elastic in the waistband keep them up without pinching.  They are also especially soft and light, and can be warn at home or outdoors.  These leggings come in several bright colors and sizes.

*These are great night time pajama bottoms.  Good for a little extra protection against wetness but NOT thick enough to be a diaper cover.*

Sizes (European sizes) As with all of Disana's products these tights run big.  They are very stretchy and can be worn for a long time especially if you don't mind rolling the legs up (measurements are approximate). 

Newborn (50/56) 0-3 months (15" total length; 7.5" leg length) 
Extra Small (62-68) 3-6 months  (17" total length; 9.5" leg length)
Small (74-80), 6-12 months  (19" total length; 11.5" leg length)
Medium (86-92), 12-24 months (21" total length; 13.5" leg length)
Large (98-104), 2-3 years (24" total length; 15.5" leg length)
Extra Large (110-116), 4-5 years (26" total length; 16.5" leg length)

*Now also available in Big Kid sizes (through 134/140, 9/10 years)*

Colors: orange, cocoa brown (discontinued), lime green (discontinued), green , plum, red, grey, berry, hazelnut and natural

Materials: Merino Wool

Packaging: Paper tag

Made in Germany

Company Details:
For 20 years Disana has been making products according to strict, environmentally friendly and healthy standards. All buttons and sewing thread are made from naturally renewable raw materials. Disana knows all their suppliers and partners in the textile 'chain' - many of them for years. From the cultivation of the raw materials to the final products every step is highly monitored and complies with the set environmental requirements. This is controlled by independent bodies and confirmed by regular chemical analysis of the products. All products are manufactured exclusively in the Disana factory in Germany and can therefore guarantee the handmade quality of the garments.

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