EcaPants Inserts

by EcaWare Baby. For use with the ecaPants for those times when you need a little extra coverage. 2 sizes. More details...

EcaPants Inserts

Product Details
EcaPants inserts are very trim, yet surprisingly absorbent! The secret lies in the 100% cotton fabric that has been used for generations in cloth diapering. This thin, quick drying fabric is very thirsty and pulls moisture in quickly the second it feels it! This insert has 7 layers of fabric, but you'd never know by looking at it. It also dries very quickly, so it is ideal as a diapering fabric. Our parents and grandparents knew what they were doing!

With ecaPants you do not need to use an insert. EcaPants are an all-in-one and already have light absorbency 'built in'. But if you need more absorption the pads are there. Just slip one or even two in the pocket and you'll be set for car rides, heavier wetters, or even naps!

Size small inserts fit perfectly in a XS (newborn) and size SMALL ecaPant. Our size large insert fits perfectly in a size MEDIUM and size LARGE ecaPant.

*These do not currently come in organic cotton although the company is looking into organic options and hopes to have an organic version in the near future.*

Sizes: small (fit xs and small ecaPants); large (fit medium and large ecaPants)

Materials: 100% cotton

Packaging: None

Care: Machine washable

Made in USA  Fair Trade conditions

Company Details:

EcaWare Baby and ecaPants were created by a mother who practices ec with her own child. She saw a need in the EC community for potty learning pant that would help make EC easier. Dressing and undressing a baby so many times a day for potty trips can be challenging, so she found a way to make it a breeze.

EcaWare Baby is a one WAHM owned and operated business.  Because the demand for ecaPants has outgrown the creator's capacity for production, most trainers are now sewn in a fair trade US company.

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