LANACare Original Nursing Pads

by LANACare. Untreated, incredibly soft felted merino wool nursing pads. 6 sizes $17.95-$26.95 (depending on size) More details...

LANACare Original Nursing Pads

Product Details
LANACare products are so soft you can't believe they're made of wool. Careful selection has been made in choosing the wool used for LANACare products to find the softest, highest quality merino wool available. Often, wool is treated with chemicals to make it softer. No such products are used on LANACare wool. Untreated and pure, it is incredibly soft, naturally. Although not labeled organic, no pesticides have been used on the fields where the sheep graze, nor have any harsh chemicals been used to wash the wool. This wool meets Europe's highest ecological standards, receiving the OekoTex Certification of Austria's "Institute of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology".

These nursing pads are soft and soothing and because wool is a natural, breathable material are a wonderful material for breast pads.
  • Wool is breathable so these pads are comfortable in both warm and cold weather.
  • Wool can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet. This allows the skin to be kept dry and breath so that sore nipples can heal. When the pads become wet, remove and allow to dry while wearing a second pair. Only 2 pair are needed by most women for the entire nursing period.
  • Natural lanolin content cleanses wool as it dries. Wash occasionally with a lanolin wool wash to clean and replenish the lanolin.
  • Larger sizes give protective warmth, which Scandinavian midwives have long felt helps prevent plugged ducts.

These nursing pads are designed to cover the whole breast so they will run larger then those made out of cotton or disposables. It has long been thought that protecting breasts from wind and cold help to prevent plugged ducts and mastitis. Because of the larger size it is important to check the measurements of the pad against your bra/breast before you order. If you prefer smaller pads, we recommend that you order one size smaller.

  • mini - 3 1/2 in (A cup)
  • ex-small small - 5 in (A-B cup)
  • small - 6 in (B-D cup)
  • medium - 7 in (DD+)
  • large (9 in) and teardrop shaped (7 x 11 in) are designed for women who want even more coverage (many women will order the teardrop pad over the large because it follows the shape of the bra and breast more closely than the large. Note: these pads are very large so measure before you order)

(FP) There are no dyes, formaldehyde or chlorine bleach used on this wool. The wool comes from Australia and the covers are produced in Lithuania. The company maintain high standards and the owner of LANACare is proud to say that she pays those who work in the factory a very competitive wage compared with other workers in the same industry.

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