Maple Landmark Shape Sorter Bench

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Kids will have fun matching the blocks to the holes in our natural shape sorter bench. Twelve hard maple blocks come in four primary shapes. Circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. Each bench comes with a pouch for storage of the pieces. Ages 2+. More details...
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Maple Landmark Shape Sorter Bench
Product Details
Overall size is approximately 4" high x 4" wide x 6 3/4" long. The bench is also crafted from hard maple with engraved details and labels of each of the different shapes. The bench and blocks comes unfinished.

With all of the current chemical concerns and growing environmental concerns, Maple Landmark introduced the new Schoolhouse Naturals line. At their root, these are simply wood. ML uses primarily hard maple and no added chemicals other then a little wood glue where needed. Even the detailing is chemical free, it is laser engraved into the wood.

Dimensions:  4" x 4" x 6 3/4"

Age Recommendations: 2+

rock maple, no finish

cardboard box, cotton drawstring bag

Made in USA
- Middlebury VT

Company Details:

(FP) Maple Landmark is a wonderful company with great environmental policies. The majority of the wood they use (primarily rock maple, but some pine and cherry) comes from one source located just 9 miles up the road and is harvested from lands that use sustainable harvesting methods. As with our other materials, their finishes are purchased as locally as possible. Nearly all are produced in Vermont, by people they know and have worked with for many years.

They also have great policies for waste and recycling. Instead of sending wood waste to the landfill, it is reused for other purposes. Sawdust is used by local farmers for cattle bedding and wood scraps are used by locals for kindling - all for free. They take steps to reduce packaging where possible. Additionally, when I have made requests for changes in packaging (paper bag instead of a poly bag or just no packaging) they have accommodated most all of my requests. They reuses boxes and packing materials whenever possible.

Maple Landmark makes great natural toys in the USA, from local wood, with little or no finish, and they have great environmental business ethics. What more could you want?

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