Moon Cycle Cloth Panty Liner- Hemp/cotton blend

by Natural Blue Cloud. Enjoy comfort and security in knowing these heavenly soft all natural cloth pads help contribute to natural health and sustainable living. More details...

Moon Cycle Cloth Panty Liner- Hemp/cotton blend

Product Details
Almost ten year ago Natural Blue Cloud arose from one mom's need for quality baby products made from natural materials. Designing her own patterns and 'testing' them on her family and children, she created a line of simple yet functional products for moms and their babes. We love them.

The unique combination of fabrics creates a wonderfully absorbent alternative to disposable menstrual pads.  After trying a number of sample pads for me, one tester said these were 'by far that best pads I've ever worn!'

These moon cycle cloth pads are made with an hemp jersey top, hemp terry cloth soaker layers and backed with a moisture barrier of organic wool.  The pads are hand dyed and have an engraved snap with the Chinese character for "blessings".  Hemp is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and gets more absorbent with each wash.  Wool absorbs up to three times its own weight before feeling damp. 

To use: Place pad wool side down, wrap wings around undies and snap in place.  Change as often as you would a disposable pad.

These products are hand-dyed in small batches so natural variations in color may occur between items.  Sometimes uneven color may occur on an item.  This is a result of hand-dyeing of natural materials and is not considered a flaw.

All hemp fabric is grown and milled in China under fair trade/fair wage practices.  Organic wool is milled in the U.S. from certified organic merino wool from Australia.

Also available in a low, medium, and heavy flow pads.

Dimensions: approx. 7"

Materials: hemp/cotton jersey, hemp terry (55% hemp/45% organic cotton), organic wool

Care: Wash in warm water before initial use. Dry on low heat or line dry. To clean, soak in cold water, changing water daily. Don't let pads sit longer than 48 hours. Wash in warm water with regular laundry load using a mild detergent. Dry on low heat or line dry.

Packaging: none

Made in USA.

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