Next-to-skin Camisole

by Rambler's Way. This fashionable camisole is an extraordinary all-purpose garment, which can be worn as a soothing baselayer during the day, for almost any activity, or to count sheep at night. The natural fiber wicks away moisture, keeping this camisole feeling like it’s just come out of the dryer. More details...

Next-to-skin Camisole

Product Details
Who knew wool (yes wool) could be so sleek, sexy, and soft? Experience the many meanings of “superfine” with Ramblers Way Next-to-Skin Women’s Camisole. From the moment you put it on, your body is draped in the sheared-elegance of superfine, 18.5 micron Rambouillet wool. Our worsted fabric envelopes your skin in sensual softness and warmth, while being thin and smooth enough to wear under any type of clothing, no matter how loose or tight, without bunching up or showing.

You’ll want to wear it every day, and that’s ok! Ramblers Way wool naturally repels odors, and you can easily go days without having to wash your camisole. And when it does need a rinse, rest comfortably knowing our wool is fully machine-washable, through an all-natural enzyme to resist shrinking and keep its shape.

This limited edition superfine camisole embodies the natural beauty and goodness of our sheep and sustainable production methods, which make this garment as good for the environment and the American economy as it is for the comfort of your body and fashion sense. Spaghetti strap and sleeveless camisole design for minimalist style, modern look and feel. Pure, incredibly soft wool, with a sexy style, and superior function—flock to it.

Why wool?
  • Wool is a natural, renewable fiber with multiple uses.
  • Wool is a complex fiber with properties for superior insulation, water repellency, water absorption and odor control.
  • Wool naturally resists wrinkling and soiling.
  • Wool is flame resistant.
Why Rambouillet wool?
  • The American Rambouillet is considered the backbone of the U.S. sheep industry.
  • Our Rambouillet is farmed and produced in the U.S., a much lower impact alternative to overseas Merino wool from elsewhere.
  • Rambouillet represents some of the best superfine wool available in America.
Wool, the Ramblers Way
  • Our worsted wool garments warm and cool equally--wearable nearly year-round.
  • Our clothing is durable and long-lasting.
  • Our wool is enzyme-treated for shrinkage and is fully washable.
  • Our wool garments are natural, non-synthetic, and chemical-free.
  • Ramblers Way comes pre-washed and ready to wear.
  • Our next-to-skin garments are soft and lightweight—wear them all day (and night).

Sizing/Fit: This camisole comes in one length. It hits at mid-to-low hip.

Color: Natural

Materials: Superfine Rambouillet wool; chemical-free, including no harsh treatments, bleaches, chemicals, or dyes.  Won't irritate skin.

Care: Machine washable

Grown and Made in the USA

Company Details:
Ramblers Way Farm is a family business creating soft, comfortable next-to-skin worsted wool apparel entirely on American soil.

We grow Rambouillet wool on our own sheep farms in Maine and on ranches in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah who partner with us to meet our customer standards for superfine softness and sustainable farming practices. We design, create, and manufacture next-to-skin worsted wool garments in our partners’ factories in the Carolinas and New England, by people whose families have been operating for generations. They share our high standards for quality and sustainability.

We live our values at work: creativity in what we do; continuous improvement; promoting sustainability, well-being, and enjoyment by bringing together our individual talents towards a common goal of customer satisfaction.

What makes our worsted wool products sustainable?

On our American Farms
We use organic, no-till, and best management practices.
We protect wildlife habitat and preserve critical ecosystems.
For our Sheep Our sheep breed and lamb naturally, graze rotationally.
We use gentle combs and humane handling systems when shearing and sorting.
We employ trained animals to protect and move our flocks.

In our Manufacturing
We partner with Rambouillet sheep farmers only in America
Our environmentally-sensitive enzyme wash is a chlorine-free, patented treatment.
We use minimal packaging, made from reclaimed materials that are compostable and recyclable.
We generate our own renewable solar and geothermal energy.
We use bio-fuels in our trucks and tractors.

For the Community
We give 10% of our profits and 5% of our paid time back to our community.
We create worsted wool from natural, renewable fibers that are durable and non-toxic.
We connect American farms with American manufacturing, we invigorate local economies.
We preserve open space, farmland, and working landscapes.
We are web-based, connecting with our customers, with low-impact on the environment.

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