Organic Caboose Snap-In Cloth Insert (refill)

by Organic Caboose; Extra long snap-in doubler. More details...
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Organic Caboose Snap-In Cloth Insert (refill)
Product Details
This organic cloth diaper insert is created with absorbent organic cotton fleece. It can be snapped-in for extra hold and absorbency in the Organic Caboose One Size diaper or laid in other diapers. Folds in half for super absorbency yet since it is so thin it is quick to dry in the drier.  One end is wider than the other so it works great in the Organic Caboose One Size diaper to cover the snaps on the inside.

Size:  25 1/2" x 5" (8" at the larger end)

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Packaging: none

Made in USA

Company Details:
In 2004, after the birth of her son, a young mother soon realized that the love she had for her son was too great to create a daily leave of absence from her home to the local hospital where she worked in the CCU.

She had a vision of creating an organic diapering line that would promote "the health of our future."™ One problem arose, --she didn't know how to sew! She enlisted the expertise of her mother and quickly they were off sewing side by side.

As the business grew, she found more women interested in sewing the products from their homes. So, she cut the fabrics and delivered the cut pieces to the local women. Upon completion, the products were inspected for quality and shipped to eager new moms.

The product line has diversified upon customer requests through the years, and the Organic Caboose® line continues to grow and evolve. Organic Caboose today upholds the legacy of the highest quality organic and eco-friendly products for baby and parents.

All Organic Caboose products are now manufactured in a local State of the Art facility creating employment for American families. Organic Caboose believes in supporting each other locally. "Supporting one another creates a domino effect that can resound around the world. It's difficult to help others if we aren't well enough to help ourselves."

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