Organic Merino Wool Wet Bag

by Organic Caboose. This organic merino wool wet bag is a great addition to any diaper bag. Available in 2 sizes; 9"x9" and 12"x15". More details...

Organic Merino Wool Wet Bag

Product Details
Perfect natural accessory for cloth diapers. This organic merino wool bag holds wet and soiled diapers while "on the go". Closes easily with Aplix® brand velcro. The small bag (9"x9") offers one detachable handle for that perfect fit around doorknobs, restroom hooks, and strollers and holds approximately 4-5 diapers. The large bag (12"x15") has two detachable handles and can store approximately 8-9 diapers. In both sizes, handles detach completely with durable plastic snaps. These are wonderful accessory bags for almost any occasion, too!

(FP) All Organic Caboose products are made in Missouri, USA. Their wool products are made of O-Wool from Vermont Organic Fiber (VTOF). This wool is sheared from sheep in Australia and brought to the US and woven. Organic Caboose wool products are unbleached and use no dyes or formaldehyde.

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