Silk/Wool/Silk Nursing Pads

by Disana. Perfect for the breastfeeding mother who experience sore nipples due to breastfeeding. More details...

Silk/Wool/Silk Nursing Pads

Product Details
Wool absorbs excess breast milk into its inner fibers, ensuring that the skin remains dry between feedings. Untreated raw silk cools and soothes the irritation some mothers experience during breastfeeding. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of silk which offer a natural healing of any redness. The raw silk encloses the wool so either side may be placed against the skin.

Disana offers both 100% cotton and silk/wool blends nursing pads to suit a range of nursing needs.

Amount: 1 pair of nursing pads

Size: 11 cm or 14 cm

Materials: 100% organic wool; raw silk

Care: Wash them like other wool articles, washing by hand is the best but you can machine wash with cold or with lukewarm water (about 25C) but do not spin. Do not place in dryer. Due to the silk in the breast pads, do not lanolize. The wool itself contains enough lanolin and does not need refreshing. Too much lanolin can destroy the silk fibers.

Packaging: plastic bag and paperboard

Made in Germany

Company Details:
For 20 years Disana has been making products according to strict, environmentally friendly and healthy standards. All buttons and sewing thread are made from naturally renewable raw materials. Disana knows all their suppliers and partners in the textile 'chain' - many of them for years. From the cultivation of the raw materials to the final products every step is highly monitored and complies with the set environmental requirements. This is controlled by independent bodies and confirmed by regular chemical analysis of the products. All products are manufactured exclusively in the Disana factory in Germany and can therefore guarantee the handmade quality of the garments.

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