Wool Wet Bag

by Babee Greens Diaper Company. These Oeko Tex 100 certified Merino Wool wetbags are small enough to fit into your diaper bag, but they are stretchy enough to hold several diapers while you are on the go. More details...
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Wool Wet Bag
Product Details
Wool is highly absorbent. It will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and it contains natural lanolin, which creates a waterproof barrier. These properties make it a wonderful natural option for wet bags.

As with wool covers, these bags will have to be lanolized occasionally to maintain their waterproof qualities. Click here if you need more information on lanolin products or have questions about which lanolin product you need, or here to go to the lanolin section of our site.

Dimensions: 9"x13"

Colors: Natural

Materials: Oeko Tex 100 certified Merino Wool.

Care: Hand wash using wool wash with lanolin and hang to dry. Periodically lanolin to keep them waterproof.

Packaging: None

Made in USA

Company Details:
Our line of certified organic cloth baby diapers and baby products was developed out of a desire to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemically grown cloth and plastic disposable diapers. Created in the Blue Ridge Mountains nearly ten years ago, Babee Greens, formerly Baby Greens Diaper Company, began as a small business with one big goal of nurturing babies and the environment. Now owned and operated exclusively by mothers, Babee Greens has continued to expand its sustainable and biodegradable product selection, with all of its products made in the USA. The diapers and related diaper products are manufactured in Asheville, N.C. Babee Greens maintains ethical and safe manufacturing standards and is proud to deliver the highest quality organic diaper and baby products to customers and retailers worldwide.

Mission Statement
At Babee Greens our mission is to provide a safe, economical and green diaper alternative. We are committed to setting a new standard that helps our global community reverse the negative effects diaper manufacturing has had on our environment, in order to create A Better World for Babies.

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"So Happy to Find Natural Fiber Wet Bag!"

Kelsey Ngo on Friday, April 28, 2017 2:54:38 PM


Comments: This bag is a great find if you're looking to reduce your use of synthetics. I use the Disana cloth diaper system, and this fits 5 total diapers; that's quite a bit of cloth. I simply fold and tie up my diapers so most of the yucky stuff is inside the diaper, and then tuck it in in the bag. I have left the diapers in there for 8-10 hours while out and about, and the bag does not hold any smells. The wool is soft and stretchy and washes easily by the proper method. I have not lanolized it yet but... More details

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