When choosing products we use the following guidelines:

- Products are made from natural materials or from recycled man-made products
- Wood products are sustainably harvested
- Cotton, hemp, and bamboo are naturally grown without pesticides or chemicals.
- Although it is not always possible, we consider the distance a product has to travel to get to us.

In a perfect world, we would choose a product that fits all of these requirements plus be of high quality. When it is not possible, we have chosen what we feel is the best of what is out there. We will update our catalog as we find products that better fit our guidelines. If you know of a product that you feel we should carry, please let us know and we will look into it.

"We do the research so you don't have to"


In addition to the environmentally-sensitive products we also try to use environmentally-friendly options in other aspects of the business. Whenever possible we reuse boxes and packaging material; when that is not possible we try to use new materials with the highest recycled content. We don't buy Styrofoam peanuts or plastic pillows but we may reuse those that we receive.

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