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We often get the question - "Where are you located?"    

A Small Green Footprint is run out of our house in beautiful Athens Georgia.  While we have most products in stock on site, we are not set up as a typical brick and mortar store with regular store hours.  However, we realize that it is often hard to make decisions based on the 2 dimensional images on a computer screen.  So if you are in the area we welcome you to come by to ask questions or just to see/touch our products.  We just ask that you call or email first to set up a convenient time.  If you live in (or are visiting) the area and decide to order online, free local pick-up is available (and encouraged!).  Just select 'local pick-up' under the shipping options.  If you do choose ‘local pick-up’ you also have the option to pay by cash or check. 

Where else can you find us? 

 A couple of times a year, we open our doors for an open house.  This is a great time to see all that we have to offer.  We also participate in a few local or Atlanta-based fairs including the GreenLife Expo and holiday markets at the Waldorf School of Atlanta and the Children's Garden.  To keep up with these events, new eco-products, and sales, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.   

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