Disana Wool Sleeping Bag

by Disana. Can't keep a blanket on your little one? Here is your soft 100% organic merino solution. 2 sizes More details...


Disana Wool Sleeping Bag

Disana Wool Sleeping Bag Disana Wool Sleeping Bag Disana Wool Sleeping Bag
Disana Wool Sleeping Bag Disana Wool Sleeping Bag Disana Wool Sleeping Bag
Disana Wool Sleeping Bag Disana Wool Sleeping Bag
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Product Details
Newborns need that feeling of closeness and safety. The time before birth means they connect this feeling with the protective snugness of their mother’s womb. These Disana sleeping bags gives them this feeling of closeness and safety, making it the perfect bedtime accessory for babies and tiny tots. The high, stretchy knitted waistband gently embraces the child without pinching, while the wide leg bag leaves space for baby to wriggle about. Two wide knitted straps keep everything in place.

The sleeping bag design keeps baby well wrapped up and warm even when she has trouble sleeping. It is also perfect to swaddle up your baby snugly. The clever thing about this sleeping bag, however, is definitely the indescribably soft pure merino wool: this disana sleeping bag shows off its natural softness and warmth especially well.

In addition to keeping your child warm at night, these sleep sacks double as a diaper cover at night. Can be used in addition to your normal night time diaper system or instead of your normal diaper cover. As with wool covers, these covers will have to be lanolized occasionally to maintain their waterproof qualities. Click here if you need more information on lanolin products or have questions about which lanolin product you need, or here to go to the lanolin section of our site.

*All wool sleep sacks come with a free sample of Sudz n' Dudz wool wash bar*

Sizes: Small (size 1) for age 0–1, Large (size 2) for age 1–2.

Colors: blue (royal), navy, red, green, natural, plum (discontinued, limited number available in Large), navy, berry

Materials: Merino Wool

Packaging: Paper tag

Made in Germany

Company Details:
For 20 years Disana has been making products according to strict, environmentally friendly and healthy standards. All buttons and sewing thread are made from naturally renewable raw materials. Disana knows all their suppliers and partners in the textile 'chain' - many of them for years. From the cultivation of the raw materials to the final products every step is highly monitored and complies with the set environmental requirements. This is controlled by independent bodies and confirmed by regular chemical analysis of the products. All products are manufactured exclusively in the Disana factory in Germany and can therefore guarantee the handmade quality of the garments.

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"I want one in my size!"

Laura on Friday, January 06, 2012 4:00:17 PM


Comments: This is such good quality, soft wool, and I can only imagine how cozy it must be. We'll be lanolizing it and using over cloth diapers for extra protection and warmth, but it would be great with disposables as well. I love the bright, bold color as well, such a nice change for the usual baby pastels.

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