Dolly's Pram

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by Elves and Angels. Take your favorite dolls or stuffed animal friends for a ride in our new Pram. More details...
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Dolly's Pram
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Sturdily constructed of hardwood and pine it is built for busy afternoons filled with play.

This item ships straight from the manufacturer. To save resources, doll furniture is not pre-assembled and shipped flat. This saves on the amount of packaging and reduces the carbon footprint from shipping.

Dimensions: 24" long, 23" high, 12 3/4" wide

Materials:  Maple and ash, steel axles and plastic wheels

Packaging: cardboard box

Made in USA (Maine)

Company Details:

These toys are made in the US with locally sourced wood (reducing its carbon footprint), the wood is not FSC certified nor does the company claim that the wood is sustainably harvested. However, Northern White Pine (or Eastern White Pine) is common in the area and is a fast growing tree species. When creating their products, Elves and Angels bases the design on the dimensions of the wood boards they receive. This, coupled with the use of a high grade pine allows, them to have very little waste/scrap wood.  

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