Motherlove Nipple Cream

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Use on sore, cracked nursing nipples to quickly soften and heal skin, and relieve pain. This creamy salve goes on easily and also serves as an excellent diaper rash ointment. All ingredients are safe for ingestion, so it does not need to be washed off prior to nursing. More details...
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Motherlove Nipple Cream
Product Details
The Only USDA Organic Nipple Cream

Does not contain lanolin which contains several pesticides; or Vitamin E which should not be ingested by infants. According to the Skin Deep toxicology database, Vitamin E is considered a health concern by the Amierican Hospital Formulary Service because it can cause liver dysfunction and is "potentially fatal" to low birth weight babies.

marshmallow root, calendula, olive oil, shea butter and beeswax
*100% Certified Organic*

Size: 1 oz

Packaging:  glass bottle

Made in USA (LaPorte, CO) with US sourced ingredients

Company Details:

In 1990 Motherlove Herbal Company introduced the first herbal personal care and supplement line specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since its conception, Motherlove has led the trend in holistic body care. Dedicated to consistent quality we craft only the finest, pure products using certified organic ingredients. Our time proven formulas, backed with integrity and wisdom, are designed to nurture, soothe and heal women on their all-important journey of nurturing life.

Motherlove follows the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) set forth by AHPA and the FDA. We retain samples from every batch and have a computerized tracking system to follow any bottle sold. Our herbal supplements are tested for bacteria, yeast, mold, heavy metals and are made in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility.

Our pure body care products with certified organic ingredients carry the USDA Organic and Oregon Tilth Organic seals.  They contain no mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, synthetic ingredients or artificial fragrances.

Along with adhering to GMP's, we support the environment. Our products are bottled in recyclable packaging and all company literature is printed on 100% recycled paper. We support organic farming, purchase recycled office and shipping supplies, and buy clean renewable wind energy credits for our facility.  Our ingredients and products are not tested on animals.

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"Great for pumping too!"

Sarah on Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:02:12 AM


Comments: I have been using the nipple cream for my breast pump too - totally removed any chafing from the pump, and I know it's safe for the baby. Good stuff, smells nice, and keeps my skin happy.

"This saved my breastfeeding experience!"

Rebecca on Monday, June 14, 2010 12:00:16 PM


Comments: I had terribly sore nipples from breastfeeding. I tried a nipple shield, but my daughter quit eating, so I couldn't use it anymore. Once I found this product, I was healed almost immediately. I was blown away at the quality and healing properties of it! I soon discovered it worked wonders on my daughter's bum rash (from food allergies through my milk, I later learned). I only wish it came in gallon-sized jars!

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